“I have worked with Lexington Recruiters for many years, and have always been impressed by the quality of the candidates and the integrity of the firm. Lexington Recruiters always makes sure that their candidates are a good fit, and that the most important thing is to ensure the long-term success of both the company and the individual. I have hired many people sent to me by the firm, and will continue to do so in the future. Bill Singer is the only recruiter who’s calls I actually look forward to!”
Randall B., Software Development Manager, International Software Development Company

“Bill first began working with me when I was still early in my career. I wanted to leave my first job and had used at least three other agents. He spoke with me, lined up some interviews with some very good corporations, and I started to get job offers. Previously, I really wasn’t getting anywhere with the other agents.

I have changed jobs several times since the first time I used Bill. Each time Bill placed me, I was hired into good situations that offered experience, challenges and a good salary. The two times I used other agents or was recruited, I found after a short time I had made compromises in taking the jobs and I didn’t stay at either job for very long.

I trust Bill’s judgment and ability to find good situations for me. He uses his knowledge of his clients on a personal level to fit the right pieces of the puzzle together for both parties. He does the research other people don’t perform to find out what’s going on and what you need to know as the interviewee. I have to thank Bill for helping to grow my career.”
Mike B., Software Development Manager, Insurance Software Development Company

“I’ve been in the Information technology Business for over 20 years and have used Lexington Recruiters to help me advance my career. Bill Singer president of Lexington Recruiters has not only been a professional recruiter but I also consider him a friend. Lexington Recruiters personalized the experience of searching for a new job and made the transition pleasurable. At Lexington Recruiters they are professionals who know what your goals are and find the matching employer. What I was most impressed with is the way they followed up on my interviews with potential companies. They always kept me informed and offered good advice during the process. They offered a complete and through job searching experience from establishing what my goals were to finding the right job and closing the deal.

If you are looking to advance your career then I would recommend building a relationship with the folks at Lexington Recruiters. They have your best interest in mind and will work for you!”
Dennis M., Senior Database Administrator, Large local University

“I have worked with Lexington Recruiters for the past decade. It is always a pleasure to work with their staffing agents. They are up to date on the industry, especially within the Healthcare Information Systems market space. I have filled many positions with long term, talented employees placed through Lexington Recruiters. In today’s competitive market, I appreciate having them as a resource and partner in meeting my staffing needs!”
– Jeannette C., Assistant Director Information System, Regional teaching hospital

“Lexington Recruiters took the time to meet with me and assure that they understood what my needs were. They found me the perfect position that utilized my IT and clinical background. Follow up and follow through was immediate and timely.”
– Cheryl T., MHA, RN BC, Clinical, Ancillary & Homecare Applications Manager, Major New England Healthcare System

“I have used Lexington Recruiters for 11 years and found that their staff really listens to my needs and searches for a perfect candidate for the position. Lexington Recruiters takes the pain out of the hiring process.”
– Mary C., Senior Project Director, Large regional Heathcare Organization and teaching hospital

“I have had a professional relationship with Bill Singer for over 20 years having worked with him as both a hiring manager and a job seeker. He has been responsible for finding me excellent candidates as well as placing me in 3 higher-level professional positions which were great opportunities with outstanding companies. Bill is an incredible listener who cares deeply about his relationships with people and nurtures them for the long-term.”
– Frank C., Systems Manager at Major Boston-area Physician’s Organization

“Working with Lexington Recruiters has been great. The staff carefully listened to my job requirements and did their best to find the right candidate. They worked on building a long-term relationship rather than the one-time placement. I recommend Lexington Recruiters to all my colleagues.”
– Mike K., Team Leader, Major Boston area Healthcare System

“Lexington Recruiters is an employment agency with a difference; they care about their clients. They specialize in executive searches for health care and IT service professionals. I was contacted as a candidate for a Vice President of Finance position in a large group practice owned by community hospital. The job was a perfect match for my skills and background. It was the next logical step in my career path. I spent over 3 years as VP of Finance. I trust Lexington Recruiters judgment to present me with the right positions to advance my career to the next level.”
– Tom D., Director of Finance, Major New Hampshire Healthcare Organization

“Lexington Recruiters is a key partner in the business of identifying quality talent for all your financial services systems staffing needs. As both a hiring manager and a client for nearly 20 years, I can say that Lexington Recruiters is a leader in professionally locating and placing the highest quality talent in the most timely manner.”
– Brian C., Systems Manager, Large Investment Institution